Guest update: Karan Ashley

Karan Ashley

unnamedKaran Ashley has had a career as an actress, singer, TV host, radio show host, reality star, writer and TV and film producer. Karan Ashley is currently working on her web series Uncensored Talk and is pitching Grow Up Already, a sitcom she created.

She began her entertainment career as a child singer in the girl group KRUSH. They were signed to Perspective, A&M Records and had their first single, “Let’s Get Together” on the Mo Money soundtrack. They worked under the world famous Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. With the group they earned a platinum record and had a hit dance song, Let’s Get Together (So Groovy Now.)

After 5 years in KRUSH, her big break came when she went to an open call audition and beat out over 10 thousand hopefuls and landed the lead role of Aisha the Yellow Power Rangers on the #1 kids show in America, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. She was able to do over 80 episodes and star in the hit movie “Power Rangers the Movie” that was released by 20th Century Fox.

Not stopping there she has pound the pavement for years and has been on many different TV shows and films with lead or recurring characters in, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, The Steve Harvey Show, One on One, The Parkers, Kenan & Kel, Chat Room, Taylor’s Wall, Wicked Weekend, Jazz Scene, The Encounter and many other projects. She has worked with many successful companies such as MTV, BET, ABC, Nickelodeon, Disney, The WB, 20th Century Fox, Asiatic Productions and formed her own production company Kash Pictures and Entertainment.

Facebook: @officialkaranashley
Instagram: @officialkaranashley
Twitter: @KaranAshley

Guest Update: Jake “The Snake” Roberts

LB1_6782Menacing, intimidating and totally hypnotic in the ring, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a Superstar capable of taking you down physically as well as psychologically. Slithering to the ring with a monstrous python concealed in a burlap sack, Jake used fear as a weapon as deftly as he used pain. His DDT finishing move is still one of the most brutal finishers ever unleashed on a Superstar.

The son of noted grappler Grizzly Smith, Roberts was born into a sports-entertainment family. Eager to follow in his father’s footsteps, Roberts began competing in the early ’70s, making a name for himself in promotions throughout the South. In 1983, he tasted success for the first time, winning the NWA World Television Championship while wrestling with Georgia Championship Wrestling.
WWE Profile

Guest update: Please welcome Nate Lovett, Ted Sikora, and Jamie Snell!

Nate Lovett

Nate Lovett has worked on a variety of projects from Paw Patrol for Random House/ Nickelodeon to Redakai and Monsuno for Viz Media. He’s supplied inks on Ray Height’s Midnight Tiger from Action Lab, colors on Actionverse #0 and Actionverse: Midnight Tiger, The Perhapanauts, Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, Skyward, and Hack/Slash as well as concept art for Hasbro on projects ranging from Star Wars, and GIJoe, to My Little Pony and done game art for AEG/Fun to 11’s EPIC:PVP card game.

twitter: @natelovett


Ted Sikora

Ted Sikora is the creator, co-writer, colorist and letterer of the series Apama – The Undiscovered Animal. Apama tells the story of Cleveland’s own resident superhero in which an ice cream truck driver discovers the spirit force of the most savage creature mankind has never known. The series recently won the S.P.A.C.E. award for best graphic novel.
As a filmmaker his feature film directorial debut Hero Tomorrow debuted at Comic Con International, and was featured on IFC, Attack of the Show and Films In Review. He calls both Cleveland and Akron his home.
See more of Ted’s work at and


Jamie Snell

Jamie Snell is a freelance illustrator who can do just about anything you need. He as worked on various sketch card sets from Topps, Brygent, Upper Deck and Rittenhouse. From Marvel, Indiana Jones, Mars Attacks, Transformers to Star Wars. He also has done a couple of posters for LFL and Acme Archives: Celebrations V and the 30th Anniversary of ESB. He has also worked for IDW publishing doing various covers for IDW’s Godzilla #1 and various characters for the Transformers Beastwars Source Book.


Guest update: Please welcome Mark Pennington, and Chris Ehnot!

Mark Pennington

MARKBIOPICBorn in Cleveland, Ohio in 1959, drawing came naturally to Mark by the age of 5. After being honorary discharged from the Army in 1980, Mark worked several miscellaneous jobs before making the decision that he wanted to attend art school. Soon after, he applied and got accepted into The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art and attended for three years. Shortly after leaving school, it was suggested to Mark and a few others from the Joe Kubert School that they should apply to Hasbro to work as designers. Mark was hired by Hasbro in 1985 and worked primarily on the G.I.Joe brand until 1989 when he left to become a freelance artist.

After leaving Hasbro, Mark started working in the comic industry and has done and continues to do work for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Athleta Comics. Although he has worked as an Illustrator and a Penciler for several comics, he is best known as a premier Inker. Some of the titles he has worked on include “X­Men”, “Batman”, “Spawn”, and more recently “The Protectors”, Batgirl , X­O and the X men.

Outside of traditional comics, Mark has also worked as an Illustrator on a children’s book series called “Short Tales Native American Myths” and on The Walking Dead Comic Book Trading Cards.

*Mark currently resides in Florida with his family and is a devoted Cleveland Browns fan!


Chris Ehnot

chrisehnotChris Ehnot is an award-winning graphic designer and freelance illustrator based out of Cleveland, Ohio. His professional designs and artwork are featured in graphic novels, illustration magazines, design annuals and advertising publications. You can find his recent artwork on: Zenescope Entertainment’s Dark Queen, Wonderland, Robyn Hood; Vanbreed Studios 8 Percent; Aspen Comics’ Fathom, Overtaken, and Soulfire; C Comics Studios Fallen; Larry Blamire’s Steam Wars; Laser Lady Publishing’s Laser Lady. He also is working on character concepts and statue designs for Chibi Essence. Chris has published work in Peter Holland’s Sound Waves, Savage Mind Comic Studio’s Scarlet Huntress Extended Edition and Scarlet’s Field Guide to Cryptids, Image Comics’ Lady Pendragon, Rob Liefeild’s Avengelyne, and [C] Comics Studio’s 52.


Guest update: Please welcome Bob Hall, and Joe Rubinstein!

Bob Hall

bobhallBob Hall had a long association with Marvel Comics, where at one time or another he drew most of the major books and characters such as The Champions, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Conan, Thor, The Fantastic Four, The Submariner, Captain America, PSI Force, The Avengers and The New Mutants. He was the artist for the West Coast Avengers mini-series and was the primary artist on the original Squadron Supreme. He drew movie adaptations of Willow, Dark Man and Captain America as well as the graphic novel, Emperor Doom. Bob was an editor at Marvel in 1979.

For Valiant he wrote and penciled the monthly series Shadowman, wrote Timewalker and then created Armed and Dangerous, a black and white “comicbook-noir” series.

For DC he wrote and drew the Batman graphic novel projects, Batman DOA, I Joker and It’s Jokertime.

He is currently creating an educational/fantasy about the measles virus.

Bob is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, Actors Equity Association and the Society for Directors and Choreographers.

His work can be seen at Commissions and original art are available through He can be messaged on Facebook.

Josef Rubinstein

josefrubenstienJosef “Joe” Rubinstein started his artist career as a teenager in the early 1970s. Primarily working as an inker, his artwork has been published by every major U.S. comics publisher, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics. One of his most important tasks has been inking The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe over a span of 20 years, contributing to his Guinness World Record of inking more pencillers than any other inker. Included in his extensive credits of over 2500 comics are inking duties for Frank Miller’s seminal Wolverine 4-issue miniseries from 1982 (the basis for the 2013 film The Wolverine), Jim Starlin’s Warlock, Aquaman with Don Newton and Micronauts with Michael Golden. Later assignments included the Dark Horse Comics miniseriesArchenemies and co-inked issues of the Ion miniseries from DC Comics. Joe currently inks projects for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Kingstone Publishing.


Guest announcements

Please welcome our first round of guests:

Sean Forney

seanforneybioSean Forney – is a fourteen year professional illustrator/comic book artist currently working on Zen: Intergalactic Ninja forDevil’s Due/1First Comics and Cyberines #3 (Red Anvil Comics). His recent color work can be seen on the cover ofBloodstrike (Image Comics). Cover and interior work can also be seen in Archaea (Devil’s Due/1First Comics), Deadpooh (Comi-Kazi), Cyberines #1 (Red Anvil Comics), Notti & Nyce and Do You Pooh? (Counterpoint Entertainment), Blindside #2 (Contraband Comics), Clint Hilinski’s Pirate Queen and Superiors, Ben Miller’s Judges, and Our Super Mom(Scottcomics). His pencil and ink work can be seen in Cut the Rope from Titan Publishing. Sean has also worked on Superbeasts (Fifth World Studios), Warlords of Wor (ManOrMonster? Studios), New-Gen New Dawn #4 (APNG Entertainment), Lego, Inc., Mice Templar Vol. 3: A Midwinter’s Night Dream trade (Image), Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends, Grimm Fairy Tales Swimsuit Issue, Grimm Fairy Tales Annual 2012 (Zenescope). He also completed color work on My Adventures with Spider-Man (Marvel/Identity Direct) and the Bakugan toy line forSpin Master. His pinup work can be seen in Moonstone’s Voltron: United and Drawn, Image’s Hack Slash: My First Maniac, Approbation’s Chaos Campus and DC’s Transmetropolitan Art Book. Sean co-created and illustrated Scarlet Huntress #1, Scarlet Huntress #2, Scarlet’s Guide to Cryptids, and the newest anthology book, Scarlet Huntress: Tales Through Time. See more of Sean’s work on the web and request commissions at and

Darryl Banks

darrylbanksbioDarryl Banks is from Columbus, Ohio, and a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree. He began his comics career in 1989, working for various comic companies such as Innovation, Millennium Publishing and DC Comics. Darryl also does concept art and toy design. Clients include Hawthorne Village collectibles, Hasbro, Filsinger Games, VanBreed Studios and many others.darrylbankcomics

More to come. Stay tuned!