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Schedule of events

Below is the current schedule of events for Cleveland Comic Con 2018!


11am: The Federation Meeting
12pm: Gameshow Impossibru™: Tame That Tune
1pm: Xmen Panel with Larry Houston
2pm: Gameshow Impossibru™: 8-bit Gaming Challenge
3pm: Cosplay Contest
4pm: Gameshow Impossibru™: Squiggly Squiggly


11am: Gameshow Impossibru™: Tame That Game Tune!
12pm: Geek Therapy
1pm: Gameshow Impossibru™: 8-bit Gaming Challenge
2pm: Art Contest
3pm: Cosplay Contest
4pm: Gameshow Impossibru™: Squiggly Squiggly

Guest announcement: The Manly Battleships®

The Manly Battleships® are a group of fun-loving guys and gals that have formed the greatest programming group on the east coast convention circuit. Veteran panelists combine their powers with a circle of long time con-goers, otaku, and deviants to form the new titan at the front of the con scene. The Fleet’s arsenal offers a lot of a lot, and a little of everything! From the “stay fun” academic to over-the-top panels; high quality times are to be had under the Fleet’s banner. No matter your pleasure, there’s a Manly Battleships® event that’s right for you!


Guest announcement: Mark Pennington

We are happy to announce that Ohio’s own Mark Pennington will be joining us again this year at The Cleveland Comic Con!
Bio in Mark’s own words:

Hello my name is Mark Pennington and I was born and raised in northern Ohio, my love for comics, sci fi and fantasy started early as a child. Buying Batman comics for twelve cents off the racks in old dirty corner stores around Cleveland!
After high school I joined the Army for three years got married and went to the Joe Kubert school of Cartoon and Graphic art.
After graduation I got a call from Hasbro, they needed a new concept artist for the G.I. Joe action figures. I was a perfect fit, having played with Joe’s my whole life, was in the military and had worked in a “plastic injection molding factory” when I was sixteen.
After two and a half years at Hasbro I started my freelance art career, was slow at first but things really picked up after one year. I broke in at DC as an inker and spent the next 30 years working for DC, Marvel, DarkHorse, IDW and many others.
During this time, I also illustrated various card art, designed toys and children’s books.
The last few years I have been moving away from comics and concentrating on portrait, landscapes and fine art. I still do an occasional cover or short story, comics and sci fi are in my blood, the nerd in me won’t let it go!

Mark Pennington “wanted to be Tarzan, had to settle for artist”

Guest announcement: Rick Catizone

 Rick is best known for his work on Creepshow, Evil Dead 2 & Creepshow 2.

Rick Catizone has worked for over 50 years professionally in the animation industry with some of the following credits:

Rick has directed and animated hundreds of commercials and special venues for clients such as : Mr. Yuk (Childrens Hospital Poison Center), Gimbals, Kaufmanns, PNC Bank, Union National Bank, Starkist, Pitt Panthers,Pittsburgh Pirates(a decade of Pirate/Parrot shenanigans), Pittsburgh Penguins, Arthur (Children’s book character), AT&T, Joseph Horne Company, Alcoa, Tom Petty, US Steel, Consol Energy, PPG, many of the local and regional radio and television stations, and more.

CREEPSHOW 2: Designed, directed, and produced 11 minutes of cel animation; personally animated 7 1/2 minutes.
CREEPSHOW: Designed, animated, and produced opening and closing animation, as well as linking segments.
EVIL DEAD 2: sculptor/armatures designer and builder/animator…..Animated stop-motion crawling hand sequences; Animated neck grow and face transformation, combining replacement head transformation sculptures with fully articulated stop-motion puppet. Animated the full figure puppet of Henrietta; Shots were composited with live action plates via single-frame rear-screen projection.
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (original): Photographed the end sequence via single-frame animated camera moves on the Oxberry animation stand
DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS- Animation of the background flying and battling dragons

DARK HALF: Assisted In Designing Effects, Fabricated foam rubber lamps, typewriters, devised self-shattering vase, etc.
EVIL DEAD 2: Sculpted and cast facial transformations, machined armatures for crawling hand and Henrietta puppets, cast foam puppets for animation
MONKEYSHINES: Designed and constructed cable-controlled internal mechanisms for monkey puppet for dangerous scenes.
CREEPSHOW: Sculpted hands, feet, and chest for creature in THE CRATE, tenderly known as “Fluffy”. Sculpted hands and arms for FATHER’S DAY. Sculpted shriveled face for SOMETHING TO TIDE YOU OVER.
RUNNIN DOWN A DREAM -Tom Petty Music Video
IN LOVE WITH A CAPITAL U – Joe Diffie Music Video STAR FOR JEREMY (8 min)
TOM’S LIFE- 10 min. pilot for Fox Animation TV series
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS- (one episode) Animated skeleton battles
ROUGHNECKS:STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES- one episode) Animated main characters and giant robot

CREEPSHOW 2 (MIKE GORNICK) -Thumbnail roughs and scene timings
TV Series: Kid N Play, Widget


Guest announcement: Larry F. Houston

We are thrilled to have Larry F. Houston attending this year’s Cleveland Comic Con! Larry is an Emmy-nominated animation director, producer & story board artist who has worked on 80s and 90s classic shows such as Thundarr, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, GI Joe, GI Joe The Movie Intro, Mr.T, Batman, Jonny Quest, Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, The Fantastic Four, Mighty Orbots, Bionic Six, ExoSquad, Bucky O’Hare, Jem, Galtar, C.O.P.S., Spawn, Ultimate Avengers II, Community and
Kid N’ Play among others!

Larry F. Houston is the Emmy-nominated Producer/Director of The X-Men Animated series, the phenomenally successful 1990s series that was part of the foundation that helped launch Marvel’s multi-billion-dollar franchises.Hired by Filmation as the FIRST African American Saturday Morning Storyboard Artist, he storyborded and directed some of the favorite 80s and 90s classic shows such as Thundarr, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, GI Joe, GI Joe The Movie Intro, Mr.T, Batman, Jonny Quest, Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, The Fantastic Four, Mighty Orbots, Bionic Six, ExoSquad, Bucky O’Hare, Jem, Galtar, C.O.P.S., Spawn, Ultimate Avengers II, Community and Kid N’ Play. He pencilled the He-Man Mini-Comics that accompanied the toy figures, worked as an inker on DC’s All-Star Squadron, Captain Carrot and pencilled a TANK story for the DNAgents and FLARE story for Heroic Comics. He drew the Animated Series Intros to THE X-MEN, the GI JOE MOVIE, ROBOCOP: ALPHA COMMANDO, and THE KARATE KID. Reading Jack Kirby/Stan Lee comics in his youth and then working with them both as a professional was the ultimate peak of his career. Including the intangible quality of fun and action he read in his youth is what he has included into all his shows and his first priority always.
Check out his website at

Guest announcement: Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard is an American comic book artist. Originally from the Detroit area, Pollard is best known for his simultaneous work on the Marvel Comics titles Fantastic Four, Thor, and The Amazing Spider-Man in the late 1970s-early 1980s.
Pollard made his professional comics debut in 1974 with stints on such titles as Master of Kung Fu, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, Astonishing Tales, and Black Goliath. He was the regular penciller of The Amazing Spider-Man from issue #186 (November 1978) through issue #205 (June 1980) and pencilled the backup feature in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15 (1981). With writer Marv Wolfman, Pollard co-created the Black Cat in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July 1979).
Pollard was also the regular penciler of Thor issues #286-#317 (some material reprinted in the trade paperbacks Thor: The Eternals Saga, volumes one and two).
During the 1980s, Pollard, penciled The Vigilante issues #1- #3 and The Green Lantern for DC Comics, as well as doing a variety of titles for Milestone Comics, Atlas Comics, and many others.
In the early 1990s he drew all the character profiles for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition. In addition to working on Daredevil, Nick Fury Agent of Shield , Spider-Man 2099 and The Silver Surfer: The Enslavers graphic novel which he wrote and penciled with Stan Lee scripting.
Pollard left comics in 1994 to pursue other interests, though he occasionally makes appearances at comic book conventions.

Guest announcement: Bob Hall

We’re pleased to welcome back Bob Hall for 2018!
bobhallBob Hall had a long association with Marvel Comics, where at one time or another he drew most of the major books and characters such as The Champions, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Conan, Thor, The Fantastic Four, The Submariner, Captain America, PSI Force, The Avengers and The New Mutants. He was the artist for the West Coast Avengers mini-series and was the primary artist on the original Squadron Supreme. He drew movie adaptations of Willow, Dark Man and Captain America as well as the graphic novel, Emperor Doom. Bob was an editor at Marvel in 1979.

For Valiant he wrote and penciled the monthly series Shadowman, wrote Timewalker and then created Armed and Dangerous, a black and white “comicbook-noir” series.

For DC he wrote and drew the Batman graphic novel projects, Batman DOA, I Joker and It’s Jokertime.

He is currently creating an educational/fantasy about the measles virus.

Bob is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, Actors Equity Association and the Society for Directors and Choreographers.

His work can be seen at Commissions and original art are available through He can be messaged on Facebook.