Cleveland Comic Con Film Showcase

New for 2017, we present to you: The Cleveland Comic Con Film Showcase! The Cleveland Comic Con Film Showcase is a one night celebration of horror, adventure, and science fiction. We plan to showcase independent films, shorts, and animations from Northeast Ohio creators, and beyond! For more information about the film festival, you can view our listing by clicking on the link below:

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Studios with accepted entries

This list will be updated as we go:

R.A.K. Films

R.A.K. Films was started back in 2002. We are an Independent Film Production Company. We specialize in burlesque style comedy shorts and films. Our feature films remind fans of the Russ Meyer films or the writings of Mickey Spillane. Writing, Filming, Editing, Casting, Marketing, Distribution and everything in between is done in house. Our short comedy 'The Star' is a 2009 winner of the Carl Merritt Film Festival.

Logan Fry

Logan Fry works from his farm and studio in Richfield, Ohio. He has been an attorney, weaver and artist, but now devotes his time and energy to filmmaking. These are not "Hollywood" style flicks with multi-million dollar budgets, not even great short films from recent film school graduates. So his only hope is to make funny flicks that people enjoy, and even get a laugh or two. He's now bringing "Gimme Head: the Tale of the Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot" directly to the public. Run-ning nearly 40 minutes, it's a fully realized Triple-B film (blood, boobs and beast) in the spirit of cult film director, Don Dohler. Critics are enthralled (and some even outraged). As one critic said recently: "Campy, rough, and amateurish, 'Gimme Head...' is hilarious and fast paced. If you loved 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' or Don Dohler's 'Nightbeast' you will instantly take to 'Gimme Head...' " "What’s not to like about that?" says Fry

Earl Douglas J Palmer

Earl Douglas J Palmer, is an LA based Welsh actor. Born on the 21st April (same day as the Queen of England, 1 day after Hitler and 1 day before Jack Nicholas) 1977 in Newport, Wales. He attended Hartridge Comprehensive School before going onto further education at Cross Keys College and higher education at the University of Wales College Newport graduating in 2000 with a BA Joint Hon's degree in Sport Studies and Information Technology. Earl spent a lot of his early years at his grandmothers video store, which later became his fathers store, spending hours watching movies. This is where his passion for film originates. Sadly Blockbuster set up a few miles down the road and ended the shop, but I have shares in Netflix, so who is laughing now Blockbuster (thats a lie, I wish). Earl's first acting role came at the age of 10 when he was the understudy to Joseph in the Ringland Junior School nativity play. He would perform the role to the infant school children on the Monday, but was relegated back to understudy for the main performance on the Tuesday to his relief. The acting career stalled for the next 20 years as a life of sport took over. His first acting role as an adult, came in 2005 feature length film War Crimes where he played the lead Scott, a student protesting the war in Bosnia. More roles followed in the years to come, but really took off after linking up with Panik Attak Productions in Cardiff where Earl worked on award winning projects, The Next Blair Witch, A Very Important Call and the Peters Foods advertising campaign. Earl's career has led him to Los Angeles where he continues to work as he tries to obtain his green card, enabling him to remain in the US so he may continue to chase the dream. "If you aren't creating, you are waiting." led Earl to write his first script Daipool, which he also produced and acted in, which will be premiered in 2017.

Matthew Rowney

Matthew Rowney (born September 1, 1991) is a British film director and Co-Founder of Rowney Motion Pictures. He is best known for his International Award Winning Stephen King adaptation 'I Am The Doorway' (2015). Having worked on several hit UK TV shows such as BBC3's Being Human and Downton Abbey. Superboy: Son of Tomorrow (2016) was originally made as a DC Comic adaptation for the Superman Celebration Festival in Illinois, Metropolis in 2016. Where it won honours for Best Drama and Actor.