Guest announcement: Michael T. Gilbert

Michael’s stories have been featured in Heavy Metal, Slow Death, American Splendor, Star*Reach, Quack!, Batman, The Spirit and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories. Since beginning his career in 1971, Michael has written or drawn comics starring Superman, Batman, Dr. Strange, Elric, The Simpsons, SpongeBob, Donald Duck and other Disney characters. But Michael’s signature creation remains his fearless creature-fighting superhero, Doc Stearn … Mr. Monster! Mr. Monster celebrated his 30th birthday in 2014. New Mr. Monster stories are currently appearing in Dark Horse Presents. For almost two decades Michael has also written “Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt,” a column exploring comic book history for Roy Thomas's Alter Ego magazine. He’s also designed t-shirts, TV graphics and gruesome tattoos. In 2014, Michael received the coveted Inkpot award from the San Diego ComiCon. His wife Janet is also in comics, having been scripting Disney comics for over a quarter of a century!